About Us

The main purpose of the Global Federation of Vietnamese Teachers Unions (VNTU) is exclusively for scientific research, skills development, literary and educational activities, with the aim to support our community of Vietnamese Teachers Unions Worldwide.

Postal Address:
Head Office VNTU c/o Agape Foundation, Dr Anh Tho Andres,
150 Route de Ferney
Geneva, Grand-Saconnex CH-1211


Originally set up in 2018 by a group of teachers and researchers on Vietnam, led by the Institute for Viet-US and Globalisation Studies, a non-profit organisation registered under Section 501 (c) 3 of the US Internal Revenue Code of 1986, the Global Federation of Vietnamese Teachers Union (VNTU) is now increasing its global outreach through the support of the Association Pont-du-Pacifique Les Amis du Vietnam, The Agape Foundation, the Vietnam Hoc Institute based in Geneva, Switzerland, and members of the Vietnamese Communities worldwide.

The USA Regional Office remains active under the direction of the President, Mdm Michelle Duong (alias Ton Nu Thoc Nau) and the Board members of the Institute of Viet-US Relations and Globalisation Studies, located at 7321 Hillmont Dr Oakland, CA 94605, USA.

Financial resources are based on donations, membership fees, and training services to members.

Head Office and Administration

As of January 2021, The Organisation is registered as an Association under Art. 60 et al., Swiss Civil Code.

According to Swiss Law on Association, the board of governance includes the General Assembly which is constituted of delegates and teachers unions members; a committee which includes a president, a secretary general or vice-president, and a treasurer, by appointment of the General Assembly.

The AGM of October 1, 2020 has appointed the New Board members of the Association as follows:

President: Michelle Duong

Secretary General: Dr Anh Tho Andres

Treasurer: Dr Khan Hoang

General Assembly (AGM): Delegates and Teachers Unions Members

The Geneva Head Office is located c/o Agape Foundation, 150 Route de Ferney, CH-1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland.

The main purpose of VNTU is exclusively for scientific research, skills development, literary and educational activities, with the aim to support our community of Vietnamese Teachers Unions Worldwide.

The organisation will not be engaged in any activity or the exercice of any powers which are not in furtherance of its primary non-profit purposes.

Training Projects (2020-2025)

Capacity Building for Vietnamese Teachers
(Partnering with Globethics.net Academy Switzerland)
Knowing the importance of Ethics Education for Teaching Professionals, we provide free training for Vietnamese teachers (in Vietnamese) through weekly online conference, in collaboration with Globethics.net, the largest network of teaching professionals in Ethics Education, based in Geneva. The first intake for VNTU members starts on October 21, 2020.

Vietnam Hoc Studies for Vietnam Experts
(Partnering with Vietnam Hoc Institute Switzerland)
Vietnam Hoc Studies has become a area of study that connects all Vietnamese people and friends of Vietnam together. In collaboration with the Insitute of Global Studies on Vietnam (Vietnam Hoc Institute), based in Switzerland, we provide research opportunities to Vietnam Hoc researchers through our online vietnamhoc.net collections hosted with Globethics.net Library as of Mid-March 2021.

Skills Development for Distance Learning
(Partnering with SBI Training Solutions Singapore)
To cope with intercultural differences, knowledge in international practices, which requires more skills such as English proficiency, IT literacy, International Business Management is essential for Students to be successful in their integration to the global economy. Our Vietnam Experts provide bi-lingual training solutions through the online platform of sbi-training.com.vn. The course on Success Learning Strategies is now open for self-enrolment to teachers and offered for FREE for VNTU Members.